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To date we've put out a whole host of amazing releases, here's a run down of our back catalogue to date:

OGR001 Battleships & Kettle Chips by Randolph's Leap 

Released 15 November 2010 

OGR002 Made For Life/Snowman by Esperi Released
13 December 2010

The Son(s) by The Son(s)
Released 07 March 2011

Yearlings by Pensioner
Released 2 May 2011

Counting Sheep / Deep Blue Sea by Randolph's Leap
Released 16 May 2011

The EP by Esperi
Released 4 August 2011

Germany by The Moth & The Mirror Released
5 September 2011

Honestly, This World by The Moth & The Mirror
Released 10 October 2011

Leviathan by The Son(s)
Released 07 May 2012

Ghosts We Must Carry by State Broadcasters
Released 17 September 2012

Murmuration by Jo Mango Released
5 November 2012

Christmas EP, featuring Jo Mango, The Son(s), Randolph's Leap and the State Broadcasters.
Released 7 December 2012

End Game by Woodenbox
Released 27 May 2013

Real Anymore by Randolph's Leap
Released 06 September 2013

When We Lived in the Crook of a Tree by Jo Mango
Released 2 December 2013

The Winter Is White by Call To Mind
Released 14 April 2014

Masks by Skinny Dipper
Released 8 September 2014

Transformuration by Jo Mango Released
13 October 2014

The Things I Love Are Not At Home by The Son(s)
Released 27 October 2014

On The Forest Floor EP by Henry & Fleetwood
Released 13 April 2015

Foreign Organ by Woodenbox
Released 8 June 2015

Special Occasions by Ette
Released 13 December 2015

Jo Mango & Friends - Wrack Lines
Released 15 January 2016

Cowardly Deeds by Randolph's Leap
Released 20 May 2016

Ette - Homemade Lemonade
Released 22 July 2016

Campfires in Winter - Ischaemia
Released 24th February 2017

The Royal Male - Plastic Throne
Released 5 August 2016

OGR0028 Various - It Is Something To Have Been EP, featuring Jo Mango, The State Broadcasters, The Son(s) and Call To Mind
Released 25th November 2016

State Broadcasters - A Different Past Released
24th March 2017

Jared Celosse - Four Cold Walls
Release date 30 March 2018


Various Artists - From Olive Us To Olive You (featuring Carla J Easton & Eugene Kelly, Randolph's Leap, Pocket Knife, State Broadcasters, Henry & Fleetwood, Woodenbox, Jo Mango, Campfires in Winter and The Son(s)
Released 8 December 2017


Carla J. Easton - Impossible Stuff 

Released 5 October 2018


Pocket Knife

Fish Song / Custard Cream 

Released 1 December 2018

Our Backstory

Olive Grove is an independent record label based in Glasgow, Glasgow. We started back in November 2010 and to date we've released music from the likes of Jo Mango, Woodenbox, Campfires in Winter, Randolph's Leap, The Son(s), State Broadcasters, Henry & Fleetwood, Pocket Knife, Carla J Easton (Ette), Jared Celosse, Call To Mind, The Moth & The Mirror and The Royal Male.

The label is run by myself, Lloyd Meredith, 

Our Friends

Small Fish Recordings

When it comes to Mastering and Mixing, there's only man that we turn to and that's Jon from Small Fish Recordings. If you ever need anything mixed or mastered at very reasonable rates, then I would urge you to get in touch with him.

Last Night From Glasgow

If you haven't come across LNFG before then stop what you're doing and check these cool cats out. They're the World's First Crowd Funded Not-For Profit record label. Not only are they ethically sound as a pound, but they also release fantastic music and they're brilliant people too. 

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If you would like to send me your music, then please a SoundCloud link or something similar, using the above contact form.

I do try to make sure that I listen to everything I get sent, but as I do this in my spare time I can't promise that I will reply to every message I get.

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